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Water slide decals for temperature sensitive substrates

Variations on a theme - candle patterns

The decoration of wax, and in particular of candles, covers a wide range of motifs. The classic religious imagery for church functions has quite different requirements than a modern, up to date ornamentation. With us you get even the most complex design solutions from one source. Every decal is cut to size and therefore easy to handle.
Three-dimensional, tactile patterns increase the attractiveness of candles and support the design. Imitations of hand paintings, especially in the artistic field, are just another example of our product range.

Decoration of wax and candles without firing

The processing without firing is the essential feature of our water decals and of course indispensable for wax. In practice this means that the patterns are transferred manually to the substrate. To make this efficient and cost-effective, we deliver our decals with printed positioning and application aides and cut to your specific format. So you can remain competitive at the highest quality and accurate reproduction of the design, including precise placement on the objects.