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Finest porcelain and versatile ceramic

Materials for the fashionable and functional kitchen table

From tableware to cookware , from porcelain such as bone china to ceramic earthenware or stoneware, our decals decorate aesthetically and functionally.

For tableware, we provide methods for all temperature ranges and styles. This allows processing of both porous and compacted shards in the appropriate procedure: onglaze, inglaze and underglaze , as well as etch imitations and relief printing. We offer gold and platinum as burnished gold and platinum, bright gold and platinum or powder. Ceramic Metallic is a cost effective alternative.

For cookware we produce heat-resistant designs for baking and casserole dishes. Our conductive prints made of silver paste for application to glazed and unglazed ceramic allows efficient warming or cooking on induction stoves.

Versatile application possibilities for ceramic materials and sanitary products

The spectrum is broad and ambitious: examples are raw glaze for single firing of logos on sanitary ceramic or the firing on ceramic materials such as silicon carbide ceramic (SIC). Here you can rely on our expertise in technology printing.
We also provide sophisticated border decors for sinks and bathtubs made of relief and matte printing,  which are decorated afterwards by hand with precious metals. This process can be done at high temperature as an onglaze decoration, which makes the decor sink into the glaze.

Patterns for all ceramic substrates

You are specialized in earthenware, stoneware or porcelain - we offer the perfect decor for your request. Tailored to your production process, we print your individual decals, cut to size, with an individual installation aid.
So you can remain flexible on all substrates such as faience and majolica, lime, soft and hard stoneware, coarse and fine stoneware as well as bone china, hard and soft paste porcelain.