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Universal use on all metals

Decorated metal embellishes the household

Our decals are the visual complement to both the purely functionally designed cup shapes and an aesthetic design object. We guarantee a high color intensity and color stability even under heavy strain. Of course, our designs are suitable for the dishwasher. With our very fine sand blasting masks, you can even decorate stainless steel cost-efficiently. We cut the motifs according to your specifications. So you can decorate pots in every shape and size.

Colorful metal designs for sports and leisure

The leisure sector especially requires constantly new designs as an expression of a modern lifestyle. We implement your designs rapidly so that you can be always up to date, be it on flasks or on high-quality bicycle frames. Again, you can count on true color reproduction and durability. Also for product combinations, such as the matching bike and water bottle, you can count on our extensive experience in terms of color accuracy.
Our organic colors can be mixed well with each other and offer an extensive range of color variations. With light fastness and resistance to yellowing, our decals are perfectly adapted to the stresses in outdoor use. In addition, they have a long-term temperature resistance up to 110°C/230°F.

Reliable durability in industrial applications

Our technology prints can also be applied on materials in industrial production. All metals and stainless steel surfaces can be decorated with our decals. For precise fitting we also print the appropriate assembly tools. This saves time for decorating and ensures consistently accurate results.