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Brilliance and durability on plastics

Complex requirements - solutions suited to the material

Plastics are produced in an almost unlimited variety of shapes. This can create a challenge to the techniques of decoration. In addition to the complexity of the body - which of course, should not give the impression that he had been decorated in a simple way – there are color trends  which exhaust the range of possibilities.
Our response is time and cost efficient. As screen prints with organic colors, our decals are made of fade-resistant pigments with a weather-and UV-stable coating system. They are totally lead-and cadmium-free and suitable for all plastics in any shape.
Available are attractive metallic effects, transparent pearlescent impressions or phosphorescent effects. Self-interference, with a play of colors depending on the light, and fluorescent surfaces are included the breadth of our offering. The latest fashion colors for each season, inspired by PANTONE colors, make your products trendsetters.

Amazing capabilities - reliable results

All our designs come with printed assembly aids to make the manual application easier. This allows easier and accurate positioning. No matter whether on helmets, toys, or household appliances, for any type of plastic we have the right temperature variation.
Our water slide decals can be perfectly adapted to the object and the subject. Blank areas in the decoration remain entirely free, because the protective coating is only 0.4 mm larger than the individual elements of the motif. This creates very attractive decorations - unlike stickers and adhesive films that can only be fixed completely on the surface.
The colors can be used both indoor and outdoor. By choosing the appropriate protective cover coat hardening on heat resistant surfaces is possible at around 180°C to 200°C/320°F to 392°F and at room temperature on sensitive substrates. After the decoration, the decals are largely resistant to solvents and are alkalinity and acid resistant. Light fastness and a high yellowing resistance give trivial everyday plastics a good look, even after prolonged use.