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The perfect finish for decorative and functional surfaces

Variable decals for versatile materials

Applications ranges from the simple decorative function to the combination of purpose and design. Our colorful patterns and etch imitations are applicable on household glass such as drinking glasses, decorative jars or bottles. For these objects also precious metals or metallic ceramic can be used. Also sandblast look can be achieved using our extra fine sand blasting masks. This goes for jars as for noble spirits bottles.
Flat glass , such as mirrors, shower doors or walls, can be embellished with all current designs or be covered completely with a decorative eye protection. For functional fireplace panels we offer a safe and attractive decor layer in sizes up to 1000x1500 mm. As an alternative to our designs in ceramic glass colors for firing temperatures of 520 to 650 degrees, we also offer low-temperature decals with a focal range of 160 to 200 degrees.

Printed glass: essential in industry and research

Technical glass for the automotive or the medical industry must be covered with absolute reliable prints. Thanks to our high precision and constancy in both the inking and the printing of the assembly aids, we are the preferred supplier of technical glass producers. Safety glass with a tagging (ESG-stamp) applied as a decal is just one example of the extensive application possibilities.
In laboratories, borosilicate glass is an indispensable material, not only for test tubes. One hundred percent accurate labeling is the base of any scientific work. With our decals precise labeling is guaranteed.