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A traditional method implemented in a modern way

Protection and decoration for indoor and outdoor use

Enamel is omnipresent as a protective coating of everyday articles. It usually meets a second function, it also beautifies. To realize this in the desired intensity and stability, our decals have a high color application and uniformity - even with metallic effects via the use of metallic ceramic colors. Regardless if you need it for your home or for public use

Enamel from signs to the hollow part

Whether for reproductions of historical advertising signs or for enamelling conventional billboards, our decals are convincing in every color spectrum. Hollow items with enamel coating, such as pots, pans or bottles and can be decorated properly with our accurate screen printings. There are no limits to the variety of shapes.
Charm and brilliance remain authentic and colorfast after firing - this is valid for your own custom colors, including metallic ceramic up to retro-effects.