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Sandblasting effect for glass, ceramics and stainless steel

Sandblasting masks are used more and more in surface finishing for glass, ceramics and stainless steel. The sandblasting technique using templates or masks has already been known for a long time but the masks on offer regularly have their limits in terms of sophistication and accuracy of application of the drafts. Thanks to the sophistication of our prints, with a stroke width from 0.2 mm, we guarantee an authentic and highly detailed result. Matt-gloss effects and reliefs or corresponding stronger effects are also possible. Preferred substrates for sandblasting masks are glass, stainless steel and dense ceramics. This process cannot be used on porous pieces such as earthenware. We always produce our sandblasting masks optimised to your requirements for the end product and your processing methods.
The processing of our masks is easy and effective.

Using our sandblasting masks, you can cover an amazing range of surface finishes!