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The real alternative – ceramic screen printing with fascinating metallic effects

Are you looking for an alternative to decors with real precious metal? Ceramic metallic may be the answer. Comparable in impression and optics with various precious metals give metallic inks a high cost advantage. Lead-free and cadmium-free, our screen prints have excellent contour sharpness and show a superb finish. The ideal substrates are the same as with real metal: porcelain, bone china, earthenware, glass, metal and enamel. A wide variety of colourings and effects are possible in the on-glaze process. For this reason, there is a range of varieties available which go beyond the options for real precious metals. Antique effects, red, copper and bronze tones, light-dark variations and more are possible. In addition to the cost benefit, decals made from ceramic metallic also demonstrate much better dishwasher resistance than precious metals.

See for yourself how close ceramic metallic comes to precious metal!