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Precious metal for glass, ceramics and stainless steel

For our ceramic decals we process all current types of precious metal. The decals containing precious metals are ideal for direct application on ceramics such as porcelain, bone china, earthenware and tiles but also on enamel and glass. After the weld penetration, a high gloss film appears on the precious metal impression on flat bases. When the firing process has finished the following tones can be differentiated: gold with a characteristic red-yellow or a light lemon-yellow colour tone and platinum with a white gold colouring. Different effects are also achieved accordingly with gloss, matt and polish preparations or with powder gold. The application options are aimed at high-quality impressions. Alongside sophisticated table and decorative crockery, rooms can be designed with tiles with precious metal decorations or solid precious metal areas or, for example, decorate sanitary ware with hand belts.

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