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Dimensional stability and a true color reproduction for indoor and outdoor

Durable designs on temperature-sensitive materials

True color reproduction is also possible with designs on heat-sensitive surfaces and bodies. Our low-temperature decals guarantee top results without looking like “stickers” and you can apply them at room temperature but also harden them at temperatures up to 200 degrees (392°F).
The organic inks combine fade-resistant pigments with a weather- and UV-stable coating system. According to your needs you can choose between extraordinary metallic effects, a transparent pearlescent appearance, phosphorescent and fluorescent (not UV-stable) effects and even self-interference, in which the color changes depending upon the light. For trendsetters, we offer current fashion colors for each season, inspired by Pantone colors.
The special characteristics of our water slide decals ensure high resistance for both indoor and outdoor use. The surfaces have also a good alkalinity and acid resistance and are dishwasher safe. Also, they are largely resistant to solvents. Thus, longtime customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Unlimited range of applications and materials

The list of substrates that can be decorated ranges from plastic, porcelain, ceramics, glass, and stainless steel to anodized aluminum and many painted surfaces.
Some application examples of our low temperature, water slide decals are helmets, motorcycles, bicycles or cars.  Furniture, vases and small appliances are just some possibilities for the indoor use, which also includes glass perfume bottles.  Buttons, displays and other industrial labels compliment the range of applications.

Flexibility in applying

Thanks to their great flexibility our decals perfectly fit the desired object. Even complex shapes can be decorated. A peel off cover coat helps you to easily apply the decal. It can be removed residue-free after sufficient drying time.  The carrier film does not remain visible on the object and does not affect the esthetical appearance.  Water slide decals can be perfectly matched to the subject. The unprinted areas remain entirely free within the motif because the cover coat is applied only 0.4 millimeters larger than the printed motif. This makes very intricate decorations possible. Furthermore, this process saves time. Thus, for example, you can decorate and mat beverage bottles  in a single step.  Glass lampshades and vases can be processed with low annealing times seamlessly and quickly.