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Technology prints of the highest reliability

Industry standard by professionals for professionals

Extreme stress/strain in industrial production or in security-related industries place high demands on adhesion, true color reproduction and the thermal stability of decals. As a longtime supplier to world-famous manufacturers of specialty glass such as borosilicate glass, glass ceramic, SIC ceramics and electronics, we have adjusted well to it.
Flexible for every possible shape, our technology prints are suitable for all areas and application scenarios - from a multi-dimensional switching field up to large solar panels.

Efficient processing at perfectly fitting assembly

You know your business and how your production processes are optimized - we know what you need for a seamless production of the final product.  Therefore, our decals are available as technology prints with assembly tools. So you can apply important labels and technical applications safely and accurately, while remaining in the rhythm of your workflow.
We can add our decorating aids such as holes, lines or notes that define the direction, corners or the position, according to your manufacturing process.

High level of functionality by further development in the screen printing

Screen printing is the most vigorous application of color. For that we can also apply conductive materials that you can process with flexibility. The constant application of color and the extraordinary temperature stability guarantee consistent functionality and true color reproduction. This is an important benefit in safety-relevant application areas  to you and your customers.