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Ceramic decals for your home

Functional patterns on stainless steel, glass and tile

Decals can increase the beauty and resale value of outdated kitchens. Fired on tiles they are a beautiful decoration for walls. You can choose between entire or partial decoration with precious metals, marble imitations and also artistically demanding designs. Transform simple cookware into colorful utensils. Thanks to our special print consisting of silver paste, hot holding containers like casserole dishes or fondue pots become suitable for induction fields. For a sophisticated look we provide individual designs as well as burnished and bright gold and platinum and powder gold. Ceramic metallic is a cost efficient alternative.

The Bathroom: your feel good world of tiles, ceramic and mirror

Especially in bathrooms tiles are a key visual elements. You can apply our patterns to the entire tile or only partially - to set new highlights in your bathroom.
Choose our decals to apply your manufacturer’s logo to sanitary ceramics like sinks, toilets or bidets. We guarantee long lasting visibility and logos of outstanding quality. Sophisticated decors made of relief and matte printing, and afterwards decorated by hand with precious metals, give sinks an extraordinary effect.  
Even heavily used surfaces like shower enclosures remain beautiful when decorated with our decals, thanks to our high color quality. Involve mirrors into your design concept with decals of coordinated design using or sandblast decals to apply and logos and other designs.

Living area: decorate rooms holistically with tiles and glass

Surface-printed tiles create thanks to constant color application a uniform, color true overall impression, even with precious metals like platinum and gold. Or they impress with relief and marginal decorations. Creates a fireplace comfort, the fireplace glass door can be tastefully and safely refined with our decals. With coordinated designs mirrors, glass doors, and tiles can be integrated in the style of the room.