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Pre-press from standard products to individual solutions

Proper data handling for ideal print quality

In our own screen printing pre-press is your order technically and economically in the right hands. Consistent high quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed. Our experts take your samples and convert them into printable data. You can send us already processed digital data, but also scans of all types, from original artworks up to hand-painted motifs. No problem, if your sample is an older motif applied on a final product. We also recreate motifs on already fired objects. Our lithographers optimize the number of needed colors in consultation with you to keep your decals as economic as possible.

Your sample determines the whole production process from image editing to the delivery. The production of screen printed decals is a complex task especially for the pre-press, as the color appearance of your final product after firing is different from the colors on our print. Therefore, we examine your motifs and they generally undergo an image editing and optimization for ceramic colors. Thanks to our longtime experience we are always able to adapt the required decals also to objects with difficult shapes like vases, lampshades, helmets or very special pieces of art. 

Thereafter, we do the color separation after your visual and economical specifications. Here we observe procedural peculiarities, save the original files, and generate production data. We then optimize the print layout for an ideal utilization of every sheet.

For each requirement the right color-binding solution

Your requirements to the decals determine the colors and the composition of the pigment pastes. Depending on your motives, we consider the implementation as part of our self-developed cost-effective 7-color ink set with no additional development. This allows a cost-saving print together with various motifs with minimal development time and quick implementation. For special color development according to customer requirements we offer a comprehensive color development process based on commercially available colors or individual colors developed by us. The individual color formula is saved in our database . Thus, the color values for reprints correspond exactly with the very first printing result.