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Individual color formulas and color fidelity for many years

You have the motif - we develop the appropriate ceramic colors

We know the individual and diverse requirements of ceramic decals regarding color and surface. This entails that we work with an enormous diversity of the color formulas. Here your production processes and the substrate define heating temperatures, heating cycles and other special requirements. However, the decisive factor is, that the final product shows the desired properties. Those are determined, depending on the desired shade, the right composition of the color pastes. We develop and we mix the color formulas in our company - of course based on your parameters.
If your colors are missing in the delivery range of the color manufacturer, we mix them in our own color laboratory and deliver almost any color according to your needs.
Furthermore, our lead- and cadmium-free colors meet thanks to continuous research all environmental requirements. They remain brilliant and fade resistant as well as resistant to aggressive substances. Your modern answer to sustainability.

Life insurance for your color recipes

When the mix of the color formulas has been completed, we print – similar to a proof – color tabs that we fire with the respective specific firing cycle. If the result identical to your requirements, we save the individual color formula in our color sample data base and deposit scales for every printed color to be compared with reprints. If one of your original colors is no longer available on the market, we are able to produce an identical copy in our color lab – thanks to our experience. So we can guarantee color-true prints for decades.