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Screen printing – first choice for ceramic decals

The advantages, as varied as your applications

When it comes to exceptional colour shine and high detail accuracy, the technique of ceramic screen printing is unbeatable. In addition, the spectrum of available ceramic inks is considerably larger than in other printing processes. These advantages make screen printing the first choice when it comes to surface design using ceramic decals. The inks blend into the surface of the base in the process. The shine of the print inks remains after this process. At the same time, a high level of resistance to outside influences such as acids or alkalis and a high scratch resistance is guaranteed.
The principle of ceramic screen printing enables not just an almost unlimited colour range but also a variation in the application of the inks. As a result, high ink film thicknesses can be achieved which are five to ten times as strong as with other printing processes. This opens up a third dimension to printing with impressions of reliefs and other special effects with the finest image details at the same time. Technical applications can also be printed such as the application of silver pastes on ceramic crockery in order to enable use on induction stoves. Our printable paper formats go well beyond standard sizes such as 620x830 mm. As one of the few ceramic screen printers worldwide, we can provide our customers with prints up to formats of 1040x1650 mm (41x65 inches).

Production, as specific as your requirements

Each decal is an expression of decades of technical experience and customer knowledge. On specially developed curved screen printers, we print your decors with the highest quality. This begins right from the planning process where we document the machine settings in order to achieve reproducibility with the highest precision at maximum cost efficiency. Our production is climate-controlled throughout with gentle air drying of the sheets between the individual print runs. Furthermore, employees with many years of experience, continuous further training and quality controls throughout printing offer constant processing quality and accuracy of fit – even after the 20th application. It is not for nothing that ceramic screen printing is considered the supreme discipline of screen printers.