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Ceramic decals for modern tableware patterns

Screen printing as an expression of your own style

You offer the best to your customers – we help you to realize your artistic patterns within our screen printing process providing the best quality. Let your creativity flow – we produce decals that accurately represent your original design. Every pattern can be printed for onglaze, underglaze or inglaze applications according to your firing temperature. Thanks to its higher color application, screen printing is the shiniest and most constant printing process. It guarantees decors of high brilliancy. We offer you an individual pigment customization for every temperature range which allows full unfolding of your decors. You can choose between traditional water slide decals and heat-release decals.

Precious metal and ceramic metallic colors

You have the choice. For your exclusive line we also print with precious metals: bright gold, matte gold, burnished gold, powder gold and also bright and matte platinum. Every metal can be combined with matte-gloss effects. If cost efficiency is important to you, ceramic metallic colors are an excellent alternative for obtaining a precious metal effect. No matter which solution you might choose, the result will impress you.

Relief printing and etching

Take advantage of our many years of experience. Based on our expertise we’re constantly optimizing the standard printing processes and obtain innovative and pleasing results for our customers. Our imitations of the very complex etching appear surprisingly authentic because of our sophisticated printing process. We open up a new dimension for your designs using ceramic relief printing which makes your decors also a tactile experience.

The wide variety of printed glass

Our decals also offer you creative freedom also for glass decoration choosing color or metal look. By using our sandblast masks you can create matte-gloss effects and reliefs on glass. Thanks to the extremely detailed masks you obtain sandblast looks of convincing quality.

Safety for colors and environment

Of course our lithographers remain true to your colors. Our color range varies from our custom and cost effective 7 color standard print process to every marketable spot color for each of your motives. Even frequent exposure in dishwashers, doesn’t affect the intensity and equability of the application. You can choose lead and cadmium free prints for safety in every treatment and use. Furthermore our etch imitations spare you the use of hydrofluoric acid.