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Unbelievable quality hand-painted imitations for artistic decors

To remain competitive in a globalised market, innovative solutions are sought. For example, if you would like to achieve the impression of hand-painted decors at the price of an industrially made decal, we will gladly show you the possibilities of our decals in hand painted and watercolour imitations. Thanks to the colour shine and sublety of drawing in our prints, sophisticated alternatives to real ceramic hand painting are available for your decors. For example, original artwork can be reproduced on porcelain true to the original using ceramic screen printing. You can thus issue unlimited valuable series which is not possible with hand painting. Even the adjustment of original hand painted decors through decals is no problem for us. Thanks to our lithography, even the most highly sophisticated decors can be carried out in facsimile quality. With decades of skill acquired in high-end scanning, we copy originals digitally and adjust them to the respective shape of the crockery. You can use hand-painted imitations porcelain, bone china and also on porous shards such as earthenware.

The variety of shapes and colours sets no limits in creativity for your designer!