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Decals - always on the cutting edge of technology

Our research and development offers potential for optimization

If you don't go forwards you go backwards. Under this motto, we present our research and development work. To help you produce tomorrow's market requirements, we devote all our experience of almost nine decades into the future of the decoration with decals. We determine color formulas for new colors and special effects and spot colors. In this context, we also study mechanical properties, both in the screen printing process itself and in the production process of our customers. We place our focus on the use of special substrates and special processing conditions, such as unusual firing temperatures or special materials. Thus we arrive at valuable results with optimization potential for our customers.

The advantage for you: we focus on practice

The results of our development have to prove themselves in practice. This includes quality and fineness of the printing screens, durability and optimal processing ability of the decals and permanence of the motif after firing. This multistep process begins with us and ends in your workflow. Therefore, we consider your production conditions in the development of novel methods. Since you know your production best, we implement your needs in joint development projects as your competent partner. Even if you have technical problems with your current decals or alternative decoration methods, we are ready to help you find a solution. Of course, we also undertake the complete project work for you if you wish.
In our opinion a practice-oriented research and development are the keys to a sustainable partnership between provider and customer.