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Decorations for the highest standards

Here at Leipold, we offer detailed printing with brilliant colors. We print up to 20 colors per pattern including precious metals and ceramic metallic colors. We also offer raised enamels and etching for all kinds of ceramic and glass. Everything for onglaze, inglaze and underglaze applications.

Diversity of design

Our technical expertise may already be on display in your house or home: in the kitchen on jars, stainless steel, enamel, and aluminum casting cookware. We also offer special printings made from silver paste used with induction ovens. In the bathroom: on tiles, shower enclosures and ceramic sanitary ware. In the living area: on fireplace panels, glass doors and decorative tiles.
Low temperature

Flexibility for functional shapes

Applicable to almost every material and shape: our low temperature decals offer great flexibility. For indoor and outdoor use, on porcelain, plastics, wood, glass, stainless steel, anodized aluminum and coated substrates. Optional heating between 160°C - 200°C (320°F- 392°F) on applicable surfaces enhances durability.

Precision for complex applications

Our ability to print decals with precision can be seen in industrial applications and the chemical industry, including substrates like electronic buttons, displays, and special substrates such as borosilicate glass, glass ceramics and SIC. Durability and resistance to acid and temperature allow the use in security sensitive areas.