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Leipold International – Tradition with a view to the future

1 January 1924 – The beginning of a long tradition
Franz Xaver Leipold founds the company F. XAVER LEIPOLD, Lithographische Kunstanstalt in Nuremberg. As a one-man business, Leipold delivers copies for ceramic coloured printing shops.

1927 – The competence grows
The first lithographic machine is installed. With that, the production of burnable ceramic decals begins.

1945 – The chance of a new start
A workforce that had shrunk to seven employees prepares the new start in Fürth.

1948 – The signs of the times are recognised
With the quality label "Made in Germany", the company takes an early step towards internationalisation.

1954 – The miracle seized
The period of the economic miracle marks the start of production in Zirndorf. 150 employees produce with a machinery that has grown to 12 lithographic rapid presses.

1959 – The switch to new technology
The entry into screen printing begins.

1963 – The generation change
Franz Xaver Leipold dies at the age of 75. It is the year when lithography is used for the last time.

1969 – Innovation encouraged
Long before the DTP revolution, the first scanner is installed in Zirndorf. This technical advance expands the options for reproducing difficult decors.

First joint venture: Decoritalia Leipold-Romer S.p.A. is founded in Italy.

1974 – The series is continued
Next joint venture: Decora Buntdruck GmbH is formed.

1975 – The step overseas
Decorbrasil becomes the South American joint venture.

1979 – The first subsidiary is added
Deco France is founded as a subsidiary.

1980 – The business segment is expanded
KDV Keramik-Decor-Verlag GmbH is to promote the sale of its own decors.

1981 – Intensifying of business relations
Business relations with Instar Enterprises Co. Inc. as a trader in the US are established.

DecorEspana S.A. expands the field of activity as a subsidiary.

1982 – The international network grows
With Japan KK, the involvement in the Asian market begins .

1996 – Entry in the Middle Kingdom
The foundation of ZIBO Leipold as a joint venture opens up the Chinese growth market.

1999 – The end of the millennium marks the new beginning
Leipold International undergoes systematic company restructuring.

2008 – The location is redefined
The company optimises its spatial situation by moving within Zirndorf to the current location.

2011 – Quality is still sought
There is a restart and the continuation of operations by new shareholders and a new management team under Leipold International GmbH.

2012 – Technique goes a step further again
Two new printing machines are invested in.
The newest printing machine for ceramic screen printing in Europe is now at Leipold. With an other new press Leipold is able to produces ceramic decals up to a format of 150x180 cm.


2014 - New ownership

Acquisition of Leipold International GmbH by the Brazil Beckters Transfers Ltda.